Introduction: Glitter Stress Bottle

Are you stressed and need something to help clear your mind? This glitter bottle is the thing for you!


Supplies you will need:

- Bottle and twist on lid (such as a Starbucks glass bottle)

- 60 mL of glitter glue

- A jug of warm water

- 60g-80g of glitter

- Food coloring (optional)

Step 1: Water

First, add warm water to the bottle until it fills about one third of the bottle. Having warm water is very important for the project. Be aware it is not hot; hot water could cause harm.

Step 2: Glitter Glue

Second, add all the glitter glue into the water in the bottle. Then, begin to stir the glitter glue into the water until it is fully combined with water.

(Note: with the big bottle shown in the supply picture, only use about half. Remember, you can always add more.)

Step 3: Glitter and Color (Optional)

This step is optional, add food coloring of choice into the water and stir in with glitter glue and water mix in the bottle. Remember there can always be more food coloring added if the color is not what was desired.

Next, add the glitter. The amount of glitter is optional. There may be more or less added for personal liking.

Skip to step 4 if glitter and food coloring do not need or want to be added to the mixture.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Finally, add more warm water to the top of the mixture. Leave a gap between the top of the water and lid to allow the mixture to move. Finally, apply the lid and shake!

Step 5: Enjoy!