Introduction: Glitter Card Soldiers Alice in Wonderland

Hello, today I will show how to make a Glitter card soldier from Alice in wonderland !! I hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

You will need:



- Xato knife

- One "A" playing card


-Pink marker

-Black marker

- Whithe paper

-Red paper


Step 2: Cut the Red Paper

cutting red paper in the following sizes

Remember that a paper with 3 cm must have the exact width of the card

Step 3: Cut the Arms

Take a piece of white paper, fold it in half, drawing two parallel curves and cut them

Step 4: The Feet

Take the two strips of 3 x 2 cm, fold it in half and make a cut in the middle, that does not span all paper

Step 5: The Hands

Now take a strip of 2 x 4 cm, fold it in half, cut dividing into 2 strips. Make a triangular cut at one end and in the other a round cut.

Step 6: The Sword

With the strip of 2 x 10 cm, draw a heart on the tip and the handle of the sword. Cut everything right

Step 7: The Head

In the paper 3 x 3 cm draw and cut a heart

Step 8: The Face

Take a piece of white paper and make the outline of the heart that you just cut. Within this heart design another heart, only upside down. Cut and measure if it fits in the head

Step 9: The Face Draw

In the white heart, drawing two hearts with pink marker, one for the mouth and one for the eyes, and make two details with black marker to mark the cheeks

Step 10: The Shoulders

On paper that has the same width as the card, fold it in half and draw two shoulders, cut only the side of the shoulder pads.

Step 11: The Glitter !!

Let the glitter !! I'll put Glitter in the hearts of the letter, in the heart of sword and shoulders. Just spread some glue on top and put some glitter

Step 12: The Glitter Result

they must look like this

Step 13: Pasting Shoulders

We paste it all together now. Start with the shoulders, sticking part blunt behind the card

Step 14: Gluing the Arms and Hands

Paste the arms and hands

Step 15: Gluing the Sword

Paste the sword in one hand

Step 16: Gluing the Head

Paste the face on the head, remembering the red heart must is upside down. Then paste the entire head between his shoulders

Step 17:

Finally the feet, fit the card in the holes of the feet and open the paper so that the soldier can stand alone.

Step 18: Finish


I hope you enjoyed


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