Introduction: GlitterBoard

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Introducing GlitterBoard, the resin and glitter composite. I had been brainstorming what to use as the secondary material, aside from the resin. So, as I was scrolling throught the contest section, I saw the glitter challenge. Immediately, I thought, I used glitter in preschool, why would I use it as a freshman? But then, I thought of putting it between the layers of an interesting micarta board, which I quickly discarded. Then I thought, why not make a material out of glitter and resin?!! So, that's what I set out to do. I will be doing more instructables on GlitterBoard, like filling split wood with the composite and making jewelry with it.

Step 1: Things You Need!

This is a fairly easy project, and can be done without any tools or machinery. You will need:
#Fiberglass/Casting Resin


#Plastic plate

#Receptacles with measurements

And that's all you need.

Step 2: Mix Resin

*Wear Gloves!!**
First, pour in your resin in your receptacle but DON'T ADD HARDENER!!!! Wait! Mix in a ratio of 1 part glitter and 1 part resin like I did, or you can get risky and try 2 part glitter to 1 part resin. Make sure to mix it very well. You don't want to have glitter-less spots, so make sure you get it all mixxed up.

Step 3: Add Hardener

Add the Hardener once you have your plate on a level and flat surface and you can just pour. I add a couple more drops than I am supposed to just to ensure the final product will be solid and will dry quickly. Then, you are ready to pour.

Step 4: Pouring

Pour your mixture into the plate. Try to pour it quick. This will make it spread out faster. Don't pour on the edges, just in one spot in the middle. Then, pick up the plate and drop it. Yup, drop it. Not too high, just a couple inches or two to get out air bubbles and settle it evenly. Then, place it in an area where it is about 60℉ or 15℃. It should cure in about 4 hours, varying on how much hardener you put in.

Step 5: Sport It!

Your composite should easily come off of the plate, and the plate can be reused. Now what? Sport it. Show it off, make a pendant out of it, do what ever you like. leave a picture in the comments if you do, and don't forget to like and comment!

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