Introduction: Globeminner Part 2

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Step 1: Hello,

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Step 2: Last

Okay, we last were showing the tools and download/buy if you haven't seen part 1, click here

Step 3: Upgrading 3

Iron/steel tools are the best until you find mese and diamonds which are far beneath the cube earth. Also there are birthstones, so find yours!

Step 4: Upgrading 4

Upgrading your tools to the fourth level, is mese. The first picture is a mese crystal and the next is a mese pickaxe. The other mese tools are made the same way as the other tools.

Step 5: Upgrading 5

Last upgrade by default, DIAMONDS! Diamonds look the same way as a mese gem but blue. The first picture is a sword and the other is a pickaxe.

Step 6: Building Your 1st House

To start off, you need a shelter so collect wood and craft them into planks. Now, craft a door which is 2 blocks high. Place that and build around it and make a shelter.

Step 7: Finding Iron/steel

To find iron/steel, you need to mine as show here.

You keep going until you find something that looks like this. But that is the ore not the ingot, so you collect coal that looks like this and make a furnace as shown in part 1 or here. Put the coal in the bottom and the iron/steel ore in the top and out the right the ingot will come.

Step 8: Download/buy

Get the game here