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Introduction: Globo Gym

This instructable is for James Develin's Autodesk Make It Real Challenge.

"Tired of the same old gym? Come and DEVelop your muscles here at Globo Gym!"

The main concept of our gym is that each athlete will get their own isolated “pod” with equipment to have a safe workout. Everyone will be required to be masked unless in the pod, and each pod will be cleaned after each use. In our expansive gym, we have four floors to DEVelop yourself! These floors consist of a cardio floor, a weightlift floor, a rehab floor, and a terrace with a full track and basketball court. Come to Globo Gym! Be a Purple Cobra!


We did this project as a group in tinkercad and merged everything later. Tinkercad codeblocks were used for equipment.

Step 1: Building a Pod in Codeblocks

These pods are easier to make in codeblocks because you can make one pod and import it to the main design, where you can copy and paste it multiple times. Start the pod with a treadmill, as this was the most difficult and detailed section. Make it all under one object in order to easily move it as one group to the corner. The next part of the pod is the walls, which can be easily made by making 2 walls and then duplicating them to make the other 2. For the door, add a transparent rectangle and created a group. The last few details for the pods are a yoga mat and a tablet where athletes will be able to watch workout videos for help. They are simple and made up of rectangles. The third image is the completed pod model.

Step 2: The First Floor

Now, we can switch over to the regular TINKERCAD design space. The gym is going to be built on a 30x30 inch grid, where each inch represents 5 feet. To make the floor, make the grid these dimensions and then stretch out a plane to that size.

Next, make the walls as wide as the plane and 8 ½ feet tall. They can be any length that seems reasonable. You can now add the pods, as well as another wall, in the formation shown in the first image. In the empty space, you should have a set of stairs that you can make in codeblocks with a simple repeating pattern, shown in the second image.

Next, add some green boxes that resemble lockers on the other side of the floor, as well as a bathroom area. The toilets are made in codeblocks. The code for a toilet is shown in the fourth image. Now, add a reception desk in the front, a 4x4 box in the bottom left for the elevator, and a carpet lining the main hallway, and the interior is complete!

Lastly, for the doors, in the bottom-right corner, cut out a part of the wall to make room. Then, make 2 very thin transparent light-blue boxes of the same height as the walls. Use them to fill the space, and then rotate one to make the door look like it’s open. The first floor is now complete! (We also chose to add the gym name and a sidewalk around it)

Step 3: The Second Floor

The second floor of Globo Gym consists of 12 pods, a staircase, and an elevator. Each pod is six feet apart to follow Covid-19 protocols. Each pod has 5 dumbbells, a weight rack with a bench, and an ipad to watch workout videos on. Both the weight rack and the dumbbells were made with Tinkercad codeblocks. The code and gifs of the codeblocks are shown in pictures 2-6. To make it, first add a floor to the 30x30 grid. Next, add pods at least 6 feet apart(4 glass rectangles). After, add the weight rack and dumbbells as shown above. Finally add a 4x4 rectangle for the elevator and stairs.

Step 4: The Third Floor

For the third floor of globo gym, do the following.First, you must add stairs in the corner so you can go to the second and third floor. Then, add massage chairs with short glass walls in between them. Make sure there is enough room to walk in between them so people can enter. Then, make 4 current pools. Current pools are a great stamina workout. Add a hallway in between so people can go in between the pools and enter any one of their choice. Next, add four saunas. These are personal saunas for one person at a time. Add a door so people can enter. Then, add a juice bar. Add little chairs at the bar for people to sit on it.

Step 5: The Terrace

First, make a red (or purple, it's been changed to purple now) floor and a small fence around the terrace. Second, add a race track made out of turf with round edges. The race track is made out of flat rectangles and spheres merged into one object Third, add a rest area with three benches that are spaced 6 feet apart for proper social distancing. They are made out of two rectangles. Fourth, add a basketball court near the rest area, with the hoop the pole being cylinders, the backboard being a rectangle, and the floor also being a rectangle. The rest area can double as an area to spectate basketball games. Last, add a 4x4 rectangle to be used as an elevator in the corner.

Step 6: Conclusion

We hope you have fun and DEVelop yourself here at Globo Gym!

**yes we ripped the intro and the name out of Dodgeball

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    Well done and explained! Thanks for sharing :)