Introduction: Glove Box


I wanted to sow some orchid seeds and needed a glove box inorder to do this. It is a very easy build and can be used for many different reasons.

Materials you will need:

1 - 60 liter clear storage bin w/ side locking lid - $15

2 - 4" PVC toilet flanges - $9 each

2 - 5" metal hose clamps - $2 each

1 - long cuff rubber gloves - $7

1 - door gap weatherstripping - $9

1 - clear silicone tube - $5

1 - exactoknife - $5

12 - 3/4" nuts n bolts w/ washers - $10

Everything cost under $70 and you can make a cheaper style, but I wanted to make mine so it could take some abuse.

Step 1:

Get all of the materials ready.

Step 2:

I took the 4" toilet flanges and traced the opening onto the storage box.

Step 3:

Then with the exactoknife I cut out the holes. I am also very happy that I bought a comfortable exactoknife for this was very hard on your fingers.

I found the best way to do this was to cut a guide line first, then using softer faster cuts till the blade went through. I learned this the hard way and tried to cut too deep in the beginning and ooops! (I fixed the crack with silicone on the front and inside of the box after.)

Also cut on the outside of the line you traced, then you don't have to trim as much as I did when trying to get the toilet flange into place.

Step 4:

When the holes are cut and the toilet flanges slide into them with out any catches. I filled the spaces on the toilet flange with silicone, slide them into place and then rotated them to mix the silicone around. (this silicone is white but dries clear)

I then let this sit so that the silicone can dry for 24 hours. I put something in the inside of the box to push it up a bit and then used the books for a bit of weight while it dried.

Step 5:

After 24 hours, I found that the silicone didn't stick well enough and had to go back to the hardware store to fix it.

I bought 12 3/4" nuts n bolts w/ washers, one for each hole on the toilet flange.

I drilled some holes into the box and put in the nuts n bolts. VERY strong now!!

Step 6:

I then took the weatherproofing and stuck it all around the edge of the box in order to make a better seal.

Step 7:

I stretched the glove cuffs around the holes, just so that the finger tips will touch the other side of the box. With the gloves in place I tightened the metal hose clamps ,but only snug tight.

TAAA DAAA!! If you followed along you will have a very secure, sturdy Glove Box!