Glover's Pepper Sauce Five Pepper Blend

Introduction: Glover's Pepper Sauce Five Pepper Blend

Have you ever wanted to make the best pepper sauce (NOT HOT SAUCE) in the world? it is more of a relish, complex and rich and so flavorful you can dump it in Prego, and it would fool the most famous chefs in your town, to believe it was a true Arrabiata Italian sauce. You also must put it in a wide mouth jar. I recommend the company "specialty bottle" online. gold capped and lovely. Best fit ever.

Prep time : 30 min.

Fermentation time : 3 weeks

Amazing time : priceless

You Win ! The chef (me) is giving up a series of original recipes that really can only be made if you have some time. My name is Jamie Glover and in honor of my Grandfather Bill Glover, who served on the B-24J Bomber "Going My Way" in the Asian theater in WWII, I created a brand called Glover's Pepper Sauce. The website is by the same name.. We give 10% of gross proceeds to veterans and other non-profit causes. The difference? I don't use marketing agencies, and the check is written from me, no fees just straight the hell up.

Well I will show you. How to make what took me 18 months to discover. I built a brand out of my kitchen 5 years ago, and began selling my first creation, my 5 Pepper Blend to the local Whole Foods Stores in Washington DC two years later. This recipe is just the beginning, for what you have coming next will be my Italian Savory, my Pepper Infused Vinegar, myJalepeno Delight and the most amazing dry rub you ever had. It is a fact that on the back of our T-Shirts it says, "the best you ever had" God dammit that is for a reason.. As my company grew and wanted to sell into other states, we realized the original style in which I made my creations could never be duplicated, because in the real world of large scale artisan handcrafted food production, everything must be made in 3 hours. The junk in your grocery, maybe 1 hour with 10% of the retail price going to the actual food inside. Insanely the produce and spices and production in every bottle of Glover's is 45% of the shelf price. Now stop being cheap with yourself and eat well, drink well, and love well.

The reality of my world is that I originally used 1920's cooking styles, and partial fermentation that takes time. Great at home, great on the local level making 800 bottles a month, but not if you want to sell beyond those numbers. So to my fans, you win today, as I tell you the secrets of what I discovered....I did not invent....but discovered the absolute perfect blend. There are 6 cases left of my original from the 2014 vintage. I will hand make only 120 bottles a year of my originals. Get one to compare to. Email or order online to get mine. All of them signed by me.

Gather these ingredients in season. chop and freeze if you want to wait for production, or just buy what's imported.

2.5 Gallon Bucket - this will make about (22) 8.5oz jars.

fill with equal parts of the first four peppers below filling to the top.(visually not weight wise), pushing them down tightly as you go of the following. you will need to buy a full bag of each of the following, pull or cut the green stems off, and cut the peppers in half. Leave all the seeds.

Long finger red hots. the best are from holland. the short ones are from dominican republic.

Red Jalepenos. You have to ask for these at a farmers market, but if you can only get green, no worries.

Red Serrano's. Once again, these are from farmers who let them ripen on the vine. Green is fine.

Cherry Red Peppers. They are fat and round like golf balls. they must be red. Green is no good.

30 Dried Chipolte peppers NOT the ones in a liquid in a can.NOT the brown ones, but the dried whole ones from chiuaua mexico, they are dark red and small. The big secret no on tells you is that the best Chipolte Peppers are simply smoked Red Jalepeno's grown in southern Mexico.

After you fill the bucket with the first two peppers add 1/4 cup of each - black pepper corn, white mustard seed, coriander seed and then 1 cup of sea salt.

pack the last 2 peppers, and top the jug with the chipoltes, stems removed (don't cut them). Fill the bucket with white vinegar slowly until it is completely full. pop the lid on tight.

add more vinegar every week as the peppers will soak it up, and you don't want them exposed.

do this for 3-6 weeks.

pour all contents into a pot and cook to 180 degrees, then remove all the peppers, and spices into a bowl and puree in a food processor or blender. pouring the sauce into a seperate large bowl. Keep the leftover vinegar for a later recipe.

Love you all.

Jamie Glover of Glover's pepper sauce

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 years ago

    Sounds like a good sauce and looks so nice!