Introduction: Glow-In-The-Dark Epoxy!! Light Up Your Workshop!

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Glow in the dark epoxy has a MILLION awesome uses. Put it on light switches, tools, or even your clothes!

The process is pretty simple, so I'll try to make this 'ible as short as possable.

Make sure you see the second image below, it's animated (and therefore totally awesome.)

Step 1: What You NeedGl

Glow powder (source)
 2 part Loctite Clear Epoxy
Toothpick (to mix the epoxy with)
Stuff to Glowify

Step 2: Mixing

Mix the epoxy according to the manufacturers instruction (in this case, 1:1) along with a good pinch of glow power. Glowing things have a sort of halflife, so an epoxy mixture with lots of powder will glow longer than the same mixture with less powder. Solid glow powder will glow for 10-12 hours.

Step 3: Dab It On!

Use a disposable tool to scoop up the well-mixed glowing epoxy and drip it on object you want to glowify. Once the epoxy dries it's hard, shiny, and glasslike.

Step 4: My Favorite Things to Glowify

I love putting glow epoxy on my knives, tools, and necklaces. If you're a fan of James Cameron's Avatar, then you can make Na'vi glowing skin t-shirts. Just drip it on a cotton shirt in a symmetrical pattern.

This glow powder charges best in sunlight, but UV or incandescent light works pretty good too. The longer you charge it, the longer it will glow.

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