Introduction: Glow Sticks Water Lanterns

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Invented over 25 years ago glow sticks have become a staple at the circus, carnivals, Halloween, concerts and a must have in a survival kit. There are 2 basic types of light sticks; rope style and tube style that come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5" all the up to 22".

Before getting into Glow Stick Lanterns I thought I would answer some questions that I get quite often:

Is the liquid hazardous to humans/pets?

Technically no but that question is still up for debate. There are 2 liquids in a glow stick; the first is hydrogen peroxide and the oily liquid is called Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and is not considered to be fatal or poisonous if your children/pets ingests any but they will experience a really bitter taste and there may be some vomiting. It can also be irritating to the skin. Some of the larger glow sticks have a small glass vial that is what is snapped to mix the liquids this vial could be a problem if swallowed.

Unlike humans dogs and cats cannot spit to help remove the bitter taste so you will notice an excess of drooling not to mention the glowing around their mouth. If your pet does get into a light stick here are some ways of helping them get rid of the bitterness taste; Wash their mouth out with a soaking wet wash cloth but do not use soap and provide plenty of liquids and food to help diminish the taste.

Anytime you, your child or a pet ingests any chemical you should always contact your family physician, the CDC or your pets vet immediately.

Contact information for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {CDC} 800-CDC-INFO | (800-232-4636) | TTY: (888) 232-6348

What happens if I get the chemical from a glow stick on my clothes?

Simply rinse the area with warm soapy water. If the chemical dries on the clothing it may cause a stain.

How long do light sticks last?

The solution can stay illuminated for up to 12 hours.

How should I store my glow sticks?

Glow sticks should be stored in their original package and in a cool dry place.

Can I prolong the life of my glow stick?

After you pop a glow stick and are done with them for the night you can store them in your freezer or cooler and by doing this it will slow down the chemical reaction. The next night take them out, shake it and the glowing will continue.

How far can glow sticks be seen?

Under the right conditions your standard glow stick can be seen as far as a 1 mile away.

Does the outside/inside temperature affect how the light sticks work?

Yes, light sticks will glow brighter the warmer the temperature, the down side is it will not glow as long.

If anyone has any others question please do not hesitate to drop me a note.

Glow Sticks Water Lanterns can be used in a multitude of applications. All you need are clear empty plastic bottles*, water and some glow sticks. Cloudy bottles like milk and cider bottles work well when making Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween.

Empty Clear Plastic Bottles Suggestions*






Salad dressing

Clear food storage containers

Step 1: Items Needed.

There really is not much to it, just remove the glow stick from its package; pop it, shake it up so it glows and drop it in a bottle filled with water and reseal the cap.

Empty Clear Plastic Bottles Suggestions:






Salad dressing

Clear food storage containers

Below are some of the many uses for Glow Stick Water Lanterns.

Step 2: Marking a Pathway

Because in the middle of the night you might have to find your way to the outhouse or another tent.

Step 3: Identifying Steps

Nobody wants to trip up steps.

Step 4: Identifying Object on or in the Ground

Objects like tent stakes that might be in your pathway.

You will notice in the third & forth pictures above besides using glow stick water bottle lanterns to mark where the tent stake is in the ground I also tape a glow stick to the tie down rope to remind people {me} there is something there.

Step 5: Glow Stick Water Lantern Ring Toss

Items needed:

2 Glow Stick Water Lanterns

6 Rope style 10 ½” length Glow Sticks* {2 Different colors} **

* Using 10 ½” length rope glow sticks does make it more difficult. You can always take two rope glow sticks and connect them to make one ring, if doing this you will need 12 glow sticks. {You can use any size you have.}

**If you do not have 2 different colors you can take a permanent marker and place markings on 3 of the rings to be able to tell them apart. That is what I do; you will notice in the pictures they are green.

Step 6: Make Your Rings

Take your six rope style glow sticks and connect the ends making your six rings {Three per person}.

Step 7: Have Fun

Now take two glow stick water lanterns and palace than several feet apart from each other and see who the best at Glow Stick Ring Toss is. This can also be played inside.

Step 8: Glow Stick Water Lantern Bowling

Items needed:

10 Glow Stick Water Lanterns

1 Ball

Take 10 glow stick water lantern and set them up as they do in a bowling alley. For a bowling ball I suggest a small basketball like from a child's basketball hoop. The closer the pins are together the easier it will be to make a strike. This is a good game to play inside as well.

Please share any tips for Glow Stick Water Lanterns that you might have.

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