Glow-Water Lamps! W/aquarium/terrarium Conv. - Solar Powered!




Introduction: Glow-Water Lamps! W/aquarium/terrarium Conv. - Solar Powered!

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make a glow water lamp (w/simple aquarium/terrarium conversion)

Step 1: Watch Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Thru Description...

Homemade "White Glow" Water Lamps. Simple DIY. Produces a "silvery white" light suitable for use as a low power lantern or nightlight. included in the video is a simple way to turn the project into a small Aquarium (betta fish tank) or terrarium. (starts at 2:40). project made using only a small plastic jar (or glass container) and a solar "pathway" light. could also be used as an ant/bug farm. (glue a piece of screen to the underside of the lid if making an ant/bug farm so the critters can't escape). the solar pathway light and the jars are from a "dollar store". great simple way to reuse/recycle and go solar.

Step 3: The Materials...

1.) plastic or glass jar

2.) solar stake pathway light. (just the top)

3.) only tool needed is a drill

Step 4: The Build...

take your clear container, remove lid and drill a small hole in the center. that's where the LED light will go. for my first one, i used a small peanut butter jar.

Step 5: Let's Make Sure the Light Fits Thru...

yep, it fits perfect.

Step 6: Fill Container With Water...

fill with water and drop the light on. see pics. the camera didn't pick it up too well but it lights up a room similar to how it looks when moonlight is streaming in (and it's the same color too). makes a good nightlight or low power lantern.

Step 7: Now Here's How to Make Aquarium/terrarium Out of It...

all you do is add some extra holes... notice how the holes near the edge of the lid are not covered. that will allow air in (if you're using it as a betta fish tank or if you want an open terrarium)

Step 8: Here's the Terrarium Pics...

Step 9: And the Aquarium Pics...

this particular container is pretty small for most types of fish, but it's great for "betta" fish.

Step 10: Some Final Pics...

you can use much bigger containers if you like... maybe a mayonnaise or pickle jar

Step 11: Have Fun Making and Using It!

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