Introduction: Glow Wood

Making glow-in-the-dark wood.

So we've had a lot of artists, woodworkers and furniture makers ask us how to transform pieces of wood into glow-in-the-dark wonders.

We usually tell them its quite easy, then we thought it would be good idea to do a case-study of our own to prove just how straight forward it is...( we hope ! ).

Step 1.

Preparation of the wood to be given a Photo-Luminescent make-over. The trick is finding a suitable piece of wood. It needs to have a lot of surface imperfections ( knots, holes, splits and cracks ).

Once you clean out all loose bits, its time for a sanding down.

Step 2.

Once the wood was prepared, we sealed off the edges with tape and got to work mixing clear resin and Eli-Glow photo-luminescent pigment powder. The resin is self-levelling and free-flowing so it is able to penetrate the voids and gaps relatively easily.

Once poured and spread into the cracks and voids we left the resin to cure. The glow effect is visible in partial light right from the beginning, even before the resin sets hard.

Step 3.

Allow the resin to cure ( 8-12hrs ). Then remove the sealing tape and sand down any excess resin spills.

Your glow wood is now ready to go !.