Introduction: Glow in Dark Clock

You can create your own design if you know 3D software or you can print my stl files.

Materials need:

1) Clock mechanism (you can use older one also)

2) 3D printer and filament

3) Glow in Dark powder

4) Resin

5) Paper cup, tissue , brush, tools etc

Step 1: Create 3D Designs for Clock

Create 3d clock design using any 3d software. If you don't know to create use bellow stl files which i have created already.

Step 2: Print All Stl

I have printed whole design with PLA material.Dial and numbers with glow in Dark filament and other with normal color. The infill is 40-60% enough. Color as your wish, but keep number and dial for glowing.

Normally Glow in Dark 3D filament is not glowing too much. If you want to glow more use next step(step4). Otherwise skip step 4 start assemble as in step 5.

Step 3: Glow in Dark Powder With Clear Resin Coat

Sand all the parts if need, it will be nice if outer surface smooth for resin coats.

Mix Clear cast resin as per product manufacture instruction. Usually there will be 2 parts, Part A and part B .Mix will be 2:1 or 2:2.Mix glow in dark powder with resin mixture. Use maximum glow in dark powder but this mixture should brush able.

Apply this mixture to clock dial and numbers. Make this process 3-4 times. More coats will glow more. Give buffering time to dry each coats. Also keep this away from dust or cover it with box, but air should flow..

Please Note: Use safety tools , goggles, hand gloves, mask etc. wash your hands clean after making this process. Resin is hazard to health.

Step 4: Assemble All the Parts

Assemble all the parts together. Use any plastic joint glue. Also fix clock mechanism and hands.

Step 5: Final Step- Check Glow and Vote !

Put battery cell and place on the wall. Check Glow. That’s it !

Give your review and ask me if you have any questions.

Please VOTE !

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