Introduction: Glow in the Dark Headband

So here we have another easy Summer DIY! How to make glow in the dark headband. Great for festivals and parties, but can be worn anywhere and any time of the year :)

I have a set of these cool paints at home and have had them for a while, but I was never sure what to use them for. Until now! :)

I promise it's super easy! And it only takes minutes so try it too :)

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Step 1: You Can Simply Watch a Video Here or See Written Instructions Below

Click on this video to watch this tutorial or scroll down for full instructions :)

Step 2: Materials Needed

I have used:

Wide white satin fabric headband - bought from Ebay for $2

Tulip glow in the dark fabric paints - Amazon purchase

Step 3: Apply the Paint

Start applying your paint to the headband in small dots. I was doing one colour at the time, leaving spaces for all the other colours. Once you finish applying all of them, set it aside to dry.

These paints are quite watery and I have managed to drop the headband resulting in a complete mess! So be careful with it :) I just used a wooden mannequin to hold it, but that's not necessary.

Step 4: Once Dry, It's Done!

And that is literally it! Wear it outside in the sunlight and it will be charged for the evening. To top this glow up later on, use a small uv torch and light up the headband with it. Btw it looks cool in UV light too so take it with you to clubs and parties :)

I hope you have enjoyed this project :)

See ya ;)

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