Introduction: Glow in the Dark Lights

Hello! This is a fun project for kids to interact with. They get to learn a little bit about circuits and make glow in the dark items! For this project, the goal will be to make a flashlight with LED lights so that there are lights in the dark.


For this project, you will need the following materials:
1.) Paper

2.) Copper Tape and any other tape(Scotch Tape)

3.) LED lights

4.) Binder Clip

5.) Batteries

6.) Popsicle Stick

Step 1: Shape the Paper Into a Cone Shape

Step 2: Tape the Outside of the Cone So That the Cone Shape Stays in Place

Step 3: Get a Popsicle Stick and Apply Two Strips of Copper Wires to Both Sides. Make Sure the Wires Do Not Touch Each Other.

Step 4: Mounting Battery Onto Popsicle Stick

Apply the negative side of the battery on an end of the popsicle stick. There should a positive sign that is visible. Clip it with a binder clip. Make sure the binder clip is touching the battery and the copper tape on the other side of the popsicle stick.

Step 5: Mounting LED Light

The LED light has a shorter leg and a longer leg. Make sure the shorter leg is on the same side as the negative side of the battery (In this case, the shorter leg will be on the same side as the battery). Tape the LED lights onto the popsicle stick if necessary.

Step 6: Glow in the Dark!

There are many other ways to play with the idea of shaping lights in the dark. One could make multiple outlets for different colors of light to come through, or have different beams of light shooting out to create a disco. One could use the lights as a flashlight. There are many different ways the idea can be worked on. Take the challenge and create something awesome!

Step 7: Video Demonstration of How to Build. Enjoy!