Introduction: Glow in the Dark Quartz Crystal

This is a simple way to create a glow in the dark Disneys-Atlantis style pendant. There are many copies of this out there, ranging from regular crystals to molded plastic glow in the dark to light up LED types. THIS is what I came up with.

Step 1: Glow in the Dark Crystal.

One project I have had on the back burner is creating a glowing Disney-Atlantis style crystal. This is a simple way I discovered how to do it.

This is an easy project to do and needs only a few items: They Are...

1) Quartz crystal pendant. Got them from Hobby Lobby.

2) A length of wire.

3) Glow In The Dark craft paint. Got mine from Walmart.

4) Modge Podge. This is a glue/sealer all in one.

In a small closeable container, mix together equal parts of glow paint and modge podge. Attach wire to loop of quartz crystal pendant and dip the quartz into the mixture of paint/modge podge, coating all of the surfaces. Using the wire, hang up the pendant to dry, then repeat this step another two or three times.

And that is all. Once dry the Modge Podge will not easily scrape or rub off. And the coating is clear so the quartz still looks as it did before. But now it will glow for a few minutes when exposed to light.

The pics show my two test pendants: Under normal light and in the dark.

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