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Introduction: Glow in the Dark Robotic Clock

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Thank you for checking out my tutorial! You are awesome.

I put a lot of time into the YouTube video so watch it too, it explains it all.

Step 1: Materials

Note: Read and follow all safety instructions and wear proper PPE.

1 7805 5V regulator

1 ATtiny85 microcontroller

2 LS-0006 servo (or similar type and dimensions)

1 Mini 3 pin switch

1 Blue LED

1 9V battery and connector

1 3 Pin jumper wire

1 Glow in The Dark Sticker A5 Paper 5pcs (Amazon)

1 Overhead Projector Sheets (Amazon)

3D Printed file attached. (0.2mm layer height. 20% infill. No supports)

Step 2: Circuit Board

These parts aren't going to move on their own, so we need to create the circuit board. There are many different ways to do this but in the YouTube video I show how to use a CNC machine to drill out the holes, carve out the traces, and cut out the board. The dimensions are 30.48mm x 22.86mm.

Solder the components as shown in the schematic.

Step 3: Assemble Servos

Solder the led to the wires and insert them into the 3D printed holder. Wrap the tip in dark electrical tape to prevent the light from leaking through.

The servo arm's need to be rigid so superglue the arm into position on the 3D print.

We need to know where the center position is on the servos so I programmed the servos to go to the middle 90 degrees at the startup so mark this with a sharpie and attached the 3D printed parts.

The loose wires can be inserted into the loops on the left side if needed.

Step 4: Glow in the Dark Screen

The screen that the light will project onto is this glow in the dark sheet is like a big sticker and very sticky so I carefully stuck it onto the clear plastic sheet and cut it out. Dimensions: 150mm x 75mm

Step 5: Light It Up!

The build is complete and you can load the the code I attached and watch the light draw out the time. It's mesmerizing to watch and I am very happy this all came together and works! Thank you so much for watching the video and follow me at YouTube - 3DSage for more fun projects!

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    5 months ago

    This looks a neat project, nicely finished clock with a novel display. If only I had a 3d printer.