Introduction: Glow in the Dark Stump Lamp

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Glow In The Dark Stump Lamp

End of the year 2018 is to bring decaying wood to make lamps as an idea to

add better value to burn charcoal By putting diorama stories into With that This tree will have a liquid blue glow inside the trunk. That can turn everything into gold Which is something that is glorious for the greedy people to be trapped in this tree

Principles By bringing decaying wood to be a natural base. With mushrooms, water,

grass, and skulls. Added LED strip and glow in the dark pigment to stories.

Let's do.

Step 1: First Step : Materials and Equipment


  1. Wood carcass, or decayed wood
  2. Wood dyes
  3. Lacquer
  4. Mushrooms for making mold
  5. Silicone rubber and necessary equipment
  6. Resin and necessary equipment
  7. Fluorescent color
  8. glue
  9. Plaster or acrylic
  10. Wooden base box
  11. LED Strip
  12. Fiber optic
  13. Clear adhesive tape


  1. Saw
  2. Cleaver
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Wood polishing
  5. Brush

More material from this According to the imagination of each person.

Step 2: Stump Making

  1. Search for the remains of decaying trees

  2. Wood split into two halves

  3. Contrary to smooth

  4. Drill holes along the grooves of the wood.

  5. Dye beautiful colors according to your style

  6. Leading fiber optic roll into strips with clear tape.
    Put into the hole

  7. Install LED Strip

  8. Finally, connect the two adjacent wood with resin mixed colored glows.

Step 3: Create a Base Box

  1. 10 cm wide wood, cut 45 degrees, 4 pieces for making boxes
  2. Drill the box for plugging in the power cord. And the remote receiver
  3. LED Strip plug glued to the wooden box
  4. Lower layer with foam sheet
  5. The top layer is plywood. Attached to the stump
  6. Plaster pour top
  7. Decorative pattern and painted.

As for other details such as sand, grass, depending on the individual's idea.

Step 4: Making Mushroom Molds

Silicone Mold

Mushrooms can be found in the backyard.

  1. I use a paper coffee cup. Cut the bottom of the cup.
  2. Base with clay
  3. Clean and apply with Vaseline to protect the Mushrooms
  4. Press the mushroom into the cup.
  5. Mixing silicone rubber with 2% hardener
  6. Pour the silicone into the cup with the mold.
  7. Wait 6 hours.

Resin Casting

  1. Mix 3% Cobalt into 100% resin
  2. Mixed resin with glowing colors
  3. Mixed resin with 2% hardener
  4. Pour the resin into the mold.
  5. Wait 2 hours.

Step 5: Assembly and Decoration

You can use your imagination. To add more details. Such as: assembling mushrooms, adding sand Or artificial water, making various colors.

Have fun and enjoy the invention.

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