Introduction: Glowing Cardboard Home With 3D Name

Here I made a cardboard home with a garden and made 3 dimensional word of my name - FYZAL over it colorfully and made everything glow.

Step 1: Write and Measure 3D Letters

For to make a 3D word. you have to fix measurement of length, breadth and width of each letters of that word

For that, take a cardboard and write your word in 2 dimension (as I wrote my name here).

Measure lengths of every lines in your word. (For guidance please refer the photos attached). Now you get the LENGTH

WIDTH is upto our decision. So make your desired width. (Here I set 8cm)

Now when you connect all those lines of a letter you will get BREADTH of that letter (that means you'll get a 3D word)

So first write those measurements near the letters and take another cardboard and cut them as per the measurements.

Step 2: Insert LEDs Inside the Letters

Before sticking the letters, decide colors of your letters and insert respective LEDs inside it.

Step 3: Make the 3D Letters

Stick the cut cardboard pieces in their appropriate places. Now you can see three dimensional view of your word

Step 4: Connect LEDs Parallely

On the back side of the cardboard. connect the terminals of the LEDs parallely (ie, positive with positive terminal and negative with negative terminal) and solder it.

Step 5: Cut the Word

Cut the word separately.

Step 6: Stick Mica Sheet Over the Word

Apply glue over the edges of the letters and stick mica sheet over it

Step 7: Apply Colorless Glue Over Mica Sheet

Apply colorless glue over the mica sheet and pour glittering powder on it

Step 8: Apply Glittering Powder Over the Mica Sheet

Step 9: Stick Color Shining Paper on Another Cardboard

Take another cardboard and cut for the LED terminals as on the image. Then stick colorful shining paper on it

Step 10: Stick the Colorful 3D Word in the Colorful Cardboard

Stick the 3D Word on the new cardboard

Step 11: Take Another Cardboard and Stick With a Thermocol

Now take another cardboard and stick thermocol on it

Step 12: Stick It With a Green Color Cellophane Paper and Make It Dry

Step 13: Insert LEDs, Connect Parallely and Solder

Step 14: Cut Some Unused Thermocol and Use It As Legs of the Green Garden

Cut some unused Thermocol and use it as legs of the Green Garden so that the circuit connection will not touch the ground

Step 15: Remove Excessive Cardboard

Step 16: Stick Green Grass

Step 17: Stick Fences for the Garden

Step 18: Stick Chairs, Table, Trees and Post Light

Step 19: Measure and Make a Sweet Home

Step 20: My Sweet Home

Step 21: Make It Glitter

Now just apply colorless glue over the green grass, trees and chairs with respective colors and put some glittering powder of their respective colors over it.

Step 22: Finally My Colorful Glowing Home Is Ready

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