Glowing Crochet Wool Rug

Introduction: Glowing Crochet Wool Rug


(3) Materials:Super Chunky Yarn, Soft Handspun 100% Merino Wool Bulky Yarn 20mm 8.5OZ (Natural White)

(1) 24 Ft. Super Bright Heavy Duty Warm White Rope Lights with 288 LEDs - Expandable to 216 Ft.

Step 1: Create the Center

Loop the end of the yarn around the LED strip and knot the end

Continue crocheting a granny circle for the first loop

Step 2: Creating the Loop

Step 3: Create Loops, Loops, and More Loops...

Step 4: Continuing the Loop

Step 5: Bonus Pom-Poms!

Step 6: Wrap Yarn in a Loop

Step 7: The Thicker the Wrap, the Puffier the Pom-Pom

Step 8: Preparing Pom-Poms

Slip the yarn loop off the chair

Double knot 1in sections with 1in tails. Be sure the knot is tight to keep the pom pom together.

Step 9: Cut Between the Knots

Step 10:

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