Introduction: Glowing Egg

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Hello! friends

Welcome to my another DIY "Glowing Egg" project. In this project i'm gonna show you how to make your own glowing egg. It's look pretty cool and it's rechargeable.

So, let's get started.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

With the help of this diagram we can make our circuit for a glowing egg.

Step 2: Components and Parts

You'll need

An egg

Bottle cap

3 volt battery

SPST swithch

Female pin connector

In4007 diode

2.2 k resistor

SMD led and 5mm red led

Mini drill


Step 3: Preparation

Take an egg and remove the liquid from it like i do from one side don't break the whole egg because you'll need egg shell only.

Step 4: Making Holes

Take a bottle cap and make three holes according to your component size one for spst switch, second is for female pin connector and third is for red led.

Step 5: Circuit Designing and Fitting

Make a circuit according to circuit diagram and fit the all compnents carefully into the bottle cap.

Step 6: Egg Shell Fixing

Now put some UHU around the bottle cap and placing the egg shell on it nicely than its look like this your glowing egg is almost ready to use.

Step 7: Finish

Here i plugged the charger as you can see the status led which one is in red color. Now your glowing egg is ready to use push the button on its look pretty awesome really.

I hope you guys like it.

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