Introduction: Glowing Ghost Activity

In this instructable we will paint a rock to look like a spooky, glow-in-dark ghost. The supplies are cheap and you can pretty much paint any kind of rock you want.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1) Glow-in-the dark paint (from local craft store such as Hobby Lobby)
2) Sharpie marker
3) Paint brush
4) rock

First thing you will need to do is get the rock you have selected and brush the dust off of the rock or stone. Now you have to coat the rock or stone in glow in the dark paint which can be found at craft stores like Hobby Lobby (you don’t have to wait till Halloween to buy the glow paint). This paint will give the ghost its glow effect. You don’t need a black light to make it glow; it glows in the dark.

Step 2: Paint the Rock

Now take the paint brush. I recommend the biggest brush you can find. Dip it in the glow paint and paint the rock. Let the paint dry for an hour.

Step 3: Draw a Ghostly Face

After the paint is done drying, take your Sharpie marker and draw a cute ghost face on it. This is great to put in plants on Halloween or use them for a Halloween party in your home. Tip: don’t put the rock out in the rain or water unless it is protected in clear polymer resin and hardener to make it water proof. I recommend doing it but you do not have to do this process and you are done with your fun, but creepy, glowing ghoul.

Step 4: Done!

Place your ghostly, glowing rocks anywhere for a spooky effect.