Introduction: Glowing Photo Frame

About: Finding the new technics for the old technology

Sometimes caring and love will have to be shown by the presentations.
which have to be like remainder of our love and caring,when it is with them.
Now we are going to make frame for the photo of our loved one.


Equipment & materials needed:
+enameled copper wire
(it can found in a transformer).
+micro LEDs (have to be resoldered from the old display of mobiles).
+plastic sheet(transparent 2mm thickness).
+li-ion battery (removed from the old mobile).
+push button switch.
+soldering rod,flux, soldering led.
white paper sheet, synthetic gum,cutter.
+saw blade.

Step 1: Step1

1.first of all open the display carefully.
then take out the LEDs strip.
2.desolder the LEDs individually.
and then add terminals to the LEDs for the connection purpose.
the above process will be given in the images.

Step 2: Step 2

cutting the sheet:
1.take the plastic sheet as per measurements
for example I'm taking the sheet as 6cm widht and 11cm height.
and mark the measurements and cut it with a saw blade.
and at the four edges make a small holes into sides of the plastic sheet and then arrange the led into that gap.
and apply gum between led and plastic sheet.

Step 3: Arrange the Basic Switch Connection

Arrange the basic light switch on/off circuit and then
attach a battery to it.
finally add the photo of our loved one by applying the gum to that photo and stick to the sheet.
then the glowing frame is ready for the presentation.