Introduction: Glowing Plant

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Hello everyone..

Its really glowing? Yeah, its really glowing and stay alive.. This project is inspired from Avatar movie, Pandora planet that have plants that can glow in the dark.. I do not do genetic engineering, but just spray phosphor powder to the surface of the leaves and stems. Sounds crazy and it will kill the plants, but with a little trick then the plant will remain alive. So far, this the only way I know to make the plants can glow, keep alive, low cost and the easiest way.

Lets Make It..

Step 1: Tool and Material

  • Strontium Aluminate (Phosphor Powder)
  • Hand sprayer
  • Small paint brushes (optional)
  • Clear Gloss Melamine
  • Marble
  • Cup and tablespoon
  • Plant

Not all types of plants can survive after exposure to melamine substance, I have tried many different types of plants and found that sanseivieria and cactus is a plant that can last for a very long time. Ordinary plant which has the form of thin leaves could be, but they will quickly fall and will waste phosphor powder.

So the first key is to use plants that have thick leaves or plants that store water reserves on the stem.

Step 2: Mix the Powder

  • Pour phosphor powder and melamine into a cup and stir until blended
  • Transfer the mixture into a hand sprayer and then enter marbles if you want brush with hand sprayer.

I use a ratio of 3:10 mixing phosphor powder with melamine. To obtain a brighter please Rev dose phosphor powder. Use tablespoon to calculate the ratio. Make sure you use a clear gloss melamine, so it will look like a regular plant during the day.

You can use vegetable oil instead of melamine, eco friendly but could not dry, or can use other materials if you have coatings that are more environmentally friendly than melamine.

Step 3: Coating

This is the step that determines whether the plant will live or die.

Actually this is like a painting, but this is the second key that will keep your plants alive. Spray only at the top of leaves, do not spray the underside of leaves and do not spray too thick. Why? because at the bottom of the leaf stomata are functioning as the respiratory system. so if you spray the underside of leaves, the plant will not be able to breathe.

In cactus plants, the stomata are across the surface of plant stems, so do not spray the entire stems surface, spray only on some surface.

Wait for it to dry and illuminated plant with light for several minutes using regular bulbs or sunlight, so the phosphor powder on the plant can be lit in the dark..

Step 4: Conclusion

Coating the plant will not make them die, but will hurt them and make their growth slows. Already 1 month after coating, and my plants alive. Suitable in use for decorating living rooms or for Halloween.

How? easy right?
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See you in the next tutorial.

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