Introduction: Glowing Pool Stick

This is a pool stick made to play with in the dark. This is roughly a two hour project and is fairly easy. Once you're finished it makes for a nice project to show your friends.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials needed for this project aren't very costly and can be found in quite a bit of stores. What is needed is listed below.
-Pool Stick
-Glow in the dark paint
-LED flashlight
-Laser Pointer
-Fluorescent Tape
-Plastic Ring

Step 2: Installing the Laser Pointer

To make room for the Laser Pointer I had to cut the stick down about 3 inches first. Once I had that piece cut off we began to carve out a space for the laser pointer. To do this we had to take a dremel and carve out a small rectangle big enough for it to lay inside of it.The size of the rectangle varies depending on the laser pointers size.

Step 3: Boring the Hole

This part was defiantly the most complicated. The wood on this lower piece is much stronger than the wood on the top piece, which requires more force to bore a hole. To bore the hole we used a butterfly bit and pushed in as far as possible. A couple inches in there is a metal rod and to get all the wood that the butterfly bit couldn't reach we took a normal drill bit and rotated the pool stick around to get out what was left. Once all the wood is out a small piece at the bottom of the stick should snap off that was connected to the wood.

Step 4: Putting in the LED Flashlight

Now that the hole is bored and the bottom piece has came off you can put the light in. But before that you need to get your clear plastic ring and super glue it in between the small piece that snapped off and the actual pool stick and let it dry. Once it has dried you should be able to slide your flashlight right in.

Step 5: Making It Glow

Now for the actual glowing part. This step in my opinion is the easiest and only requires a little bit of work. To make it glow you take your glow in the dark paint, whether spray paint or normal paint, and paint which ever piece of the pool stick you prefer, with two to three coats of paint. As a finishing step I added some fluorescent tape in a striped pattern, this secures the laser pointer in place also.

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