Introduction: Glowing Snow Mump

Looking for a fun, family friendly, inexpensive activity to help beat the winter blues?

Looking to do something different from the traditional wintertime snowman?

Want to confuse, amuse, or freak out your neighbors? Read on.....


What's Needed--

Snow, but you could likely do this with/substitute beach sand if that's how you roll

A place (such as your front yard, or better yet, your neighbor's) where you can build and display your glowing snow mump

Snow shovel (optional)

Pack of glow sticks (purchase at the Dollar Store) for your snow mump eyes. The package I used contained 4 glow sticks (enough for 2 snow mumps) and were 6 inches long.

Step 1: How To...

Pile up snow using a snow shovel, or get a bunch of family together and use your hands and feet.

Bonus if you have familly that are closer to the ground such as children

When the snow mump mound is complete (we didn't have very much snow, so ours is kid sized), make eye sockets with fists (use gloves, brrr!!)

After sunset activate the glow sticks by bending them so the two solutions in the sticks flow together, react, and emit light. Insert into the eye sockets of your now glowing snow mump.

At $1 per 4 pack (enough for 2 snow mumps) this is a very affordbable family activity. If you have enough snow you could even buy a few packs of sticks and make a whole glowing snow mump family.

Watch as your slack-jawed neighbors drive by your house at night very confused, wondering what's up with your yard.....

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