Introduction: Glowing Watch


Glowing watch by using an LED strip and also you can wear that glowing watch.

I am using external inverted Battery for testing and its stable

If you want dynamic condition you can use Lithium polymer battery 3.7 V, 3 Numbers and Switch 1 Number. You fixed in the watch strap in between.

Step 1: Components

LED Strip


Solder Iron

Battery (

Soldering Flux

Soldering Lead

Solder Iron


Switch (

Step 2: Design and Fabrication

The series of LED will be there so you can cut the LED strip based on you length watch size and length (you can add parallel LED strips based on your watch breadth size).

Solder the LED strip with wire by using Solder Iron.

Apply the glue (Araldite) on the Back Side of the watch and fix the LED strip.

Note: I don't have Lithium Battery, so I tested by using my 12 V Home Inverter Battery.

If you have Lithium Battery Small Size you can use it.

Apply the glue (Araldite) on the Front Side of the watch and fix the Lithium Battery.

Connected the 3.7-volt battery connected in series and soldered the wires together by using solder iron, flux, etc.

You can add Switch so you can control the On and OFF of LED Strip.

Step 3: Wearing

Finally, you can wear your Glowing Watch and Enjoy the Night.

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