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Introduction: Glowing Light Bike

My son loves the movie "Tron" and wanted the light bike that's in the movie. Ya... They make it but... It's 50+ grand soooooo that isn't gonna happen, sorry buddy.  Btw this is my first instructable, so please be patient. Hopefully it will be the start of something good.

Step 1:

Went on eBay and purchased l.e.d. Light strips.  I think it's 16 feet worth of LEDs for 20 shipped or something like that. Can't remember cause I actually did this a year ago. They have 3m self adhesive strip on the back so they stick pretty good, just be sure to clean the bike with rubbing alcohol to promote adhesion. Also make sure you purchase the l.e.d.s that are waterproof!

Step 2:

It's pretty simple clean the bike, cut the strip to length, every 3rd led can be cut and wire ends  soldered to it,  but i made one continuous  loop around the bike, and then peeled and stuck it to the bike.  The ends I soldered to a 9 volt battery cap that I got at radio shack for 3 bucks or so. The strip comes with wires attached at one end so I just used that end.  This is what they look like off when it's on the bike.

Step 3:

I used zip ties to secure a 9 volt battery to the back of the bike, I've been meaning to run the wires up the frame and under the seat with a micro toggle switch but haven't got that far...yet! Just hook up the battery and go!

Step 4:

And of course daddy had to do his brothers bike.  They love em and so do I, for one they are pretty sweet looking and two they are super bright at night which makes them way more visible for safety reasons. Don't know why the pics are upside down, tried to rotate but  couldn't, don't know how to.  Thanks for being patient on my first instructable.

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    7 years ago

    With Firefox they can be rotated for viewing