Glowing Tiki Mask Using EL Wire




Introduction: Glowing Tiki Mask Using EL Wire

If you've gotten a little bored with just hanging regular old pictures and pieces of art, this is a simple way to make things a little more interesting.  

I bought a tiki mask on vacation this year and decided it was missing something.  I had some old glow wire laying around and decided to see what I could do.  The method I used is very simple and can be applied to any wall art, such as picture frames or even flat screen tv's, and it will not cause any damage to your belongings.  For example, one of my next projects is to do something similar with my old saxophone from band, so think outside the box!

Step 1: Materials

You will not need very much to do this project, and everything is fairly cheap.


Knife or scissors
Electric tape- whatever color best suits you
Batteries- I used a 9 volt battery, but it depends on what type of EL wire you use
EL Wire with controler
Tiki mask- or whatever you want to glow

Step 2: Organize Your Wires

I can't stand a bird's nest of wires.  Unnecessary wires hanging out will not look good, so neaten things up.  It also makes attaching your wire much easier.

Step 3: Apply Your Wire

Next begin taping your glow wire down.  Be sure to use as little tape, and as small pieces as possible to ensure you have as much glow wire exposed as possible.  Don't be afraid to add more tape later if you need, you don't want it all falling apart when you hang it up.  

The power source is a little heavier so I put rolls of tape under it, then taped across the top of it just in case.

When your applying your wire be aware of how everything will hang on the wall.  try to keep the wire close to the edges you would like to glow in particular.   I was short on EL Wire so i just focused on the eyes and mouth rather than the outer edges.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you put the switch in a good place so that it is easy to turn on and off, and find a place for the battery that doesn't disturb the rest of the wires if you think you'll be changing it often.

Step 4: Hang Up Your Work

Now you should be finished and ready to hang up your work.

It may be wise to make sure you hang it out of reach of children that may want to play with it, but keep it in reach for yourself so its easy to turn on/off.

If your not sure if your wire its bright enough try adding more wire, or get a larger diameter wire.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How about attaching the el wire to the mains? How would this be achieved?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, great job on the tiki mask! I was wondering, you said that your next project is to attach EL Wire to a saxophone? I have EL Wire and a saxophone, would the EL Wire affect the tone of the saxophone if I put it in the bell?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet. Now all you need is to find one that does the fade in and out modulation, giving it that living breathing kind of feeling.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    thats a good idea, i may try that. if i do i think ill try a different color too.