Introduction: Glowing Wind Mill

Makers: Naveen,Bharath

Location:E4d Banjarapalya Makerspace

We made this "Glowing Wind Mill" for the Instructables build night on Chibitronics-

Circuit Stickers.

It is a simple windmill drawing with blinking LEDs.


Copper tape

A4 Sheets

color pencils,

circuit stickers - Blink effect sticker, 3 LEDs

Step 1: Drawing Picture

First draw the picture using pencils And color pencils.

Step 2: Colouring the Picture

After coloring, the drawing looked like this. Use colors that you like. However, maintain a light tone so that the LED light from below is clearly visible.

Step 3: Sticking Copper Tape

Take a copper tape And stick it in the A4 sheet as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Sticking the LEDs, Effect Sticker

Take the LED stickers and the Blink Effect Sticker and place it in the circuit as seen in the picture.

Step 5: Glowing Wind Mill

After finishing, it looks like this.