Introduction: Glue Gun Hack - Adding a Power Switch & LED

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I always wondered why there is never any power switch on a glue gun, so I decided to add one.

Step 1: Disassembly

The first step is to carefully disassemble the glue gun in order to be able to access the electrical cables and the mechanics.

I carefully took the glue gun apart making sure to note which cables were for power. Sometimes, if you have used the glue gun before, you may have to warm it up in order to remove the glue stick

Step 2: Adding a Switch

I measured an area around the top of the gun handle close to the glue stick entry point so that I may add a power switch. This area was comfortable and out of the way.

It took me some time to find a switch small enough that it would not take up a lot of space. Once I found it, I marked the area and drilled a hole so that only the lever of the switch would protrude to the outside of the glue gun handle.

Step 3: Soldering Switch & LED

Once I located the hole for the switch and one for the LED, I proceeded to solder the switch inline with one of the mains power cables and the LED as well. In order for the LED to work off of mains cable, a resistor and a diode were soldered in-line with the LED.

These were then soldered to one of the mains power cables and the GND to the other mains cable. In order for the switch to power on off the setup, one side of the switch was connected to one cable of the mains while the other was connected to the heating element.

Step 4: Reassembly and Testing

With the switch & LED soldered in place, I used another hot glue gun to glue down the wires firmly. In order to glue the switch in place, I used some 5 minute epoxy.

I then reassembled everything and made sure that the switch & LED worked. When you now switch on the glue gun, it warms up and the LED lets you know that it is on. Afterwards, instead of unplugging the hot glue gun, you can simply power it off using the switch.