Introduction: Glue Gun, Solder, and 3d Pen Work Station

Keep your lungs healthy by keeping the fumes away. You also need a organized place to work. This is the solution that I created for this. It is made from recyclable items that you probably have lying around at your house or can purchase for cheap at a store.

Step 1:

Cut off the top of the box and cut the sides of one of the longer sides.

Step 2:

Make a hole for your fan that you have. For the fan I soldered a USB cable to the fan so I can plug it into a portable phone charger. Glue your fan in place with hot glue and test it out.

Step 3:

This is optional if you have a 3d pen like me but you are going to cut a piece of cardboard about 8 centimeters long and the width of a paper towel roll. Use hot glue to glue the paper towel tube onto the bottom piece of the cardboard. Glue the cardboard piece near the top of the lid, leave a space big enough for your filament to unravel. Take the lid and glue it onto the back of your box. Finally add all your items and a silicone mat to the bottom, I used a mat that is for a 3d pen that you can buy off of amazon.

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