Glue Stick Safe

Introduction: Glue Stick Safe

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The Glue Stick Safe is a fun easy project to make. It is great for storing small stuff such as cash, bullets, notes, or just use it for a small container for small screw or anything you can think. Glue sticks come in many sizes I used a size that was a little bigger than a thing of cap stick. Throw it in a draw that other people wouldn't pick it up to use for gluing. This project only requires a few tools to make.

Glue Sticks

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Glue stick


paper towel

hot water

stuff to store

Step 2: Making

when making this you will no longer be able to use the glue stick so best to use a glue stick that is almost out of the glue. The glue stick has a knob on the bottom that turns to expose the glue. Start turning this so the glue comes up. Once it wont come up anymore take a knife and cut the glue off plastic piece that pushed up the glue. Get all the Glue out from int the stick. YOu can use hot hot water and paper towel to help remove access glue. A cutters will also help cut the glue out. Once all removed turn the knob on the bottom so the plastic goes down to the bottom as if retracting where the glue would be. No just add what ever you would like to hide and put the cap back on. I recommend not hiding where people would try and grab it and use it.

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