Introduction: Gluten Free Macaroon for Valentines Day

About: My name is Jean-Paul, i'm a student in an engineering school near Paris. I love making project and share it after. I'm also fond of cooking, I always like to try new recipe.

I love cooking pastry, because I am gourmand. Macaroons which is french so am I. I really love

You will think it's impossible to do but clearly not, try it, you will see it's not hard!

For Valentines day I have chosen to dress them in red because red is the color for love, and I also cooked it with chocolate because it fits with the theme.



- 4.5 oz almond powder

- 7.2 oz glacier sugar

- 3 eggs white (~3.2 oz)

- 3.4 oz sugar

- red colorant (for valentines day)


- 8.5 fl oz fresh cream

- 7.1 oz black chocolate

Step 1: Prepare and Sieve Almond Powder

First step is to sieve the almond powder like in the video. You can also sieve the sugar if you want but is not necessary.

You will have bigger part at the end, You can throw them away. However, this part is not really necessary, you won't really feel the difference.

Then mix your 2 ingredients until next step.

Step 2: Separe the Eggs

Separe egg white from egg yolk. You can put the yellow in the fridge for later (1st pic)

Whip egg white until foaming with a mixer (its good when you can reverse the bowl and nothing fall down (2nd pic)). Then add the powdered sugar in three times while still mixing the egg with the mixer. And at the end look if it hold a little bit to the mixer like on pic 3.

Step 3: Mix Your Preparation

Add the almond powder with the normal sugar and its time to “macaroner”.

If you want you can now add some colorant in your preparation. For me I chose to add some red colorant.

Step 4: Poach Your Preparation

It's time to poach your preparation. Watch my video how to do it. It will help you to have the gesture to made them like me (pic 1).

Then let them about 30 min, there will be a little crust. Not a real one but It will help during the cooking.

Then bake them 9 to 10 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (pic 2).

Step 5: It's Time to Prepare the Ganache

Put your chocolate in a bain-marie, while you are waiting you can put your fresh cream in a bowl.

When your chocolate is totally melt put your chocolate in the bowl with the fresh cream and stir them together.

Let it cool until you put the ganache in the middle of your macaroon, but don't put the ganache in the fridge before because the ganache will get hard.

Step 6: Poach the Ganache

You can also poach the ganache. I thing its more easy to poach them, but you can also do it with a spoon.

However, put the chocolate and hold the two biscuits and turn to have a perfect look ^^.

After you can put them in the fridge for 24h and put them out of the fridge 20 min before eating them. And this will be soooooo goood!

Step 7: Bon Appétit!

It's now time to make the best decoration you can for your love !

Happy Valentines Day

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