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Introduction: Go Geocaching for Free

Geocaching is a great activity however it can be expensive if you don't have a GPS Unit. However if you have an Android Device with GPS Enabled, then you can't go Caching for nothing! This is a tutorial to finding your first Cache with C:GEO, a really good Android App. I am in no way related to the Developer BTW.

Step 1: Signing Up

First off if you haven't sign up for Geocaching.com, then do it now. If you have then you can safely ignore me until the next step! Click on the create account link on the top right hand part of the website. You can then sign up the normal way or fastpass it using Facebook. After that just follow their instructions and go on to the next step.

Step 2: Downloading C:GEO and Signing In

In the Play Store, search for "c:geo" and download the app. Once installed, launch the app and sign in to your Geocaching.com and click the check details buttons. After that, press the back button beside the Android Home Button. You will notice that you can sign into more than one website. Sign into as much as you want but one really does suffice. After that go to the home screen. Now the fun begins!!!

Step 3: Using the App

Once signed in you can access cache info in a variety of different ways. One of my favorites is live map. You just press the button and look at the cache map. Press on a cache pin to bring up more info. For even more info click on more details button. And to save it click on the save button on the next screen or the pin pop up. After saving it you have offline access to waypoints, descriptions, pictures, logs and more. After that all is left is to prep your device for a better experience outside and finding the cache.

Step 4: Prep the Device

As GPS consumes a lot of the battery and because you're outside and away a mains you can't charge it (unless you're smart and have a backup power bank) you should prep your device for the wild. First you should switch off wifi and possibly mobile internet (besides you have the cache data on your device and i'm sure you'll survive being cut off from Social Media for at least a half hour!). Then reduce brightness a bit and switch on GPS ( if you haven't already). Your Done! All thats left is the last step!

Step 5: Find the Cache

Lastly (you're still here!?!) you should drive/walk/cycle/skate/<insert mode of transport here> to the general area that the cache(or drive and park as near to it as possible). Finally, all thats left is for you to click on the compass button on the top corner of the cache info page to bring up the compass screen. Follow the red arrow and once youve found it you're done! Well, not exactly, you still have to log the find on the website so you have bragging rights, but you can still do it at the cache info bit of c:geo. Your a pro now so you should have no problems finding it!

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    6 years ago

    So guys I have never went geocaching so what are the essentials I will need?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Worst day at geocaching is better than the best day at office.

    Thanks for sharing!