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This was a super last minute costume I put together in less than 2 days before the big night. Halloween is my all time favorite because how often do you actually get to dress up and not get weird stares all day!? This cost me literally less than $10 (because I used whatever possible I had around the house already) and it's super easy to customize to fit your budget and supplies you already have.



Hot glue gun


Turtle shell:

Placemats (mine just so happen to be brown and tan which worked amazing!)

Green construction paper

Shoulder strap (I used the straps that came with a camera case and a mini duffle bag)


Green shirt

Green leggings (optional)

Old t-shirt (red, purple, orange, blue) or bandannas

Yellow felt fabric or yellow paper works too

Masquerade mask (colored or plain, it doesn't matter)

Green socks

Flip flops

OPTIONAL: **swords, nunchucks, stick, dagger swords, etc.

Step 1: Cut 1/4 Off One of the Placemats, Glue the Edges to the Other Placemat Leaving the 1/4 Cut Unglued

Step 2: Cut Out Hexagon Shapes Using Green Construction Paper and Glue Them On.

You can definitely find templates for turtle shells on google. Print and cut out the template (if you choose to do so) or simply cut diamond shapes out and trim off two of the sides to look like the pictures. Glue them to the back, (the side you didn't glue yet), of your placemat.

Step 3: Determine Where Your Strap Will Hook In. Carefully Poke a Hole Through the Placemat and Hook the Strap in Place.

Step 4: Place the Yellow Fabric Up to the Green Top You Are Going to Wear to Determine How Big the Body Will Be.

Step 5: Take Your Sharpie and Draw an Outline of the Body/chest Area. Use Markers to Color a Belt Across the Bottom. Using the Scissors, Cut the Body Out.

Step 6: Take Your Old T-shirt and Cut 1/2 Inch Wide Strips, Long Enough to Wrap Around the Arms and Legs a Couple of Times.

Step 7: Details Kind of Matter!

Add a touch of Ninja to your feet by wearing green socks with your flip flops or the weapon your turtle uses.

The pouch we made earlier can be used to store the fighting gear and comes in handy for easy storage.

I was very excited this year when my kids told me they wanted to do a family costume theme (Ninja Turtles). Last year it was my other half and I, but get ready for some cheesy fun because this year, it'll be all four of us!

Step 8:

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