Introduction: Go-Nogo Gauges - Forest Fire Risk Assessment Tool

The amount and size of fine woody debris found on the floor of a forest is an indicator of fire risk. Fine woody debris is measured along a line and recorded in size intervals. These are grouped into .5, 1, 3, 5 and 7 cm diameters categories. A gauge with these sizes cut into the edge of the material makes the task of measurement much quicker, more accurate and simpler. These are called Go-Nogo Gauges.

Step 1: Select Material

Select a material that is durable such as aluminum or puckboard. For this example I have used 1/8 inch Al plate.

Step 2: Measure

Measure out each of the of the opening categories carefully, and scribe the sizes on the material.

Step 3: Cut and File

Cut the openings with a bandsaw staying on the waste side of the scribed lines.

File to the scribed marks. Check opening sizes with a standard measure.

Step 4: Add a Hole

Make a hole in the gauge for a line that can be fastened and place a piece of flagging tape so that the gauge can be easily seen.

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