Introduction: Go Pro 4 Surf Glove

This is the best (most simple and functional) Go Pro surf mount there is to capture compelling 'selfy' surf images ... believe me, I've tried everything imaginable over the years!

While surfing you need to be able to be able to articulate the camera to compose the shot. The wrist mount method does not work well ... instead, by top mounting the Go Pro on a swim glove you can achieve all of the range of motion afforded to your hand. Equally important, especially in large surf, is the need to keep your hands free for paddling and gripping the surf board. Again the top mount on a swim glove provides all the freedom required.

I've been using this method for many years now. Frankly I'm surprised Go Pro has not offered this mount themselves. Now with the new 'ice cubed sized' Go Pro 4 Session it is even better (less bulky appendage attached to your hand)

Step 1: Determine Your Desired Shot

Depending on whether you surf 'goofy foot' or 'regular foot' choose either the right hand or left hand glove for either the 'into the barrel' or out of the barrel' perspective.

Give some thought as to your normal (comfortable) body and arm surf posture ... this will help you determine the best position for the camera on the top of the glove.

Step 2: Simple Parts

1) Neoprene Swim Gloves

2) Standard Go Pro flat 'peel & stick' adhesive base clip mount

(or for a more stable base, strip the base mount out of the Go Pro Chest Harness)

3) Plastic 2" diameter washer (I typically use a car upholstery fastener and cut the barb off of it)

4) 1/4" Aluminum binding screw and threaded sleeve/nut

5) 2 part mix Plastic epoxy

Notice that there are no ferrous parts to rust in salt water.

Step 3: Assembly

Drill and thru bolt the Go Pro base mount to the top of glove using the plastic washer and aluminum stud. The 2" diameter plastic washer goes inside the glove 'sandwhitching' the the neoprene.

Apply plastic epoxy to all parts (including the glove surface where it touches either the Go Pro mount or plastic washer - this will prevent rotation). If using a Go Pro peel and stick adhesive base mount, skip the epoxy.

Remember to turn the glove inside out when curing the epoxy applied to the inside plastic washer so as not to glue the glove closed!

Step 4: Check Out My Videos on Vimeo

That's it ... now go surf and practice holding the camera steady while shredding !

Check out my surf videos on Vimeo - Squidman

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