Introduction: Go-Pro to 1/4in Normal Camera Mount

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This is only a first attempt at creating a way to put a "normal" camera onto the Go-Pro's helmet mounts. My camera is Delkin's Hot Shot (Wingman) it only weighs 3 ounces so hot glue and solder should hold it (for a while any way), this is not meant for heavy DSLRs in any way. My next attempt may be able to support the higher weight so stay tuned. 
I made it by first bending a thick wire so that it would fit  in the three pronged Go-Pro mounting system. I then added a copper tube to hold the 1/4 inch bolt. I cut a slice out of the top of the tube with a hack saw and then pushed the bolt through. Next I hot glued everything into place.  It is not a permanent solution by any means but I expect it to work for a while. 

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