Introduction: DIY GoPro 24 Hour Time-lapse Mount

This is a cheap and effective GoPro rotating 24 hour time-lapse mount! The mount does one full rotation in a 24 hour period.

Other than the GoPro stuff I spent $10 on this project. It only took 15 minutes for me to make.

The only downside to this is the timer needs to be plugged in. If you own a solar panel, power bank, or portable charger, then you will be set.

Step 1: The Video Tutorial

This is my first attempt at creating and editing a video on YouTube. I explain everything in the video and would love for comments, likes, shares, and/or questions. I feel talking with other creative minds is how we can all help one another come up with new ideas and modifications.

The reason I used a basic GoPro frame and not the waterproof one was because I can't charge it in that case. That was if anyone was wondering. Don't forget to click HD on the video!

Build videoThis is the time-lapse throughout the entire day. Unfortunately I couldn't use the entire 24 hours because the night-time was completely dark. Don't forget to click HD on the video!
Time-Lapse video

This is using my time-lapse mount over a 5 hour period to follow the sun going into a storm.

5 Hour Time-Lapse