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Introduction: GoPro 58mm Lens Adapter

Unlike previous versions of GoPro, the GoPro Hero 9 allows the user to easily swap out the lens. This allows the use of polarized, ND, macro, etc. lenses. Looking to improve the image quality of my camera, I looked online to find a PL lens but found that they could cost around $50 for a set of 3. I remembered I had some filters for my DSLR but they would definitely not fit being that they are for a 58mm lens. I decided to design an adapter that allows me to attach one of these filters to my GoPro


  • Calipers
  • 3D Printer
  • CAD Software

Step 1: Model Lens Mount

Begin by measuring and creating a model of the GoPro's lens mount. I was able to obtain accurate measurements using just calipers. (Be careful not to scratch the lens!)

Step 2: Model Adapter

Model a way to interface the adapter to the lens mount. This version has no locking mechanism and will only use friction to keep it in place. The adapter fits over the flanges on the mount and then twists 90 degrees. After searching around I was able to find the thread size for the lens: M58 x 0.75. However, this is not a size in the standard SolidWorks library, so I needed to create one.

Step 3: Print the Parts

The large overhang between the GoPro lens mount and 58mm threads meant printing it all in one go would be difficult and require a lot of cleanup. I decided to split the adapter where that transition occurred and glue the two halves together. This is possible because the exact location of the two parts is not critical, as long as the camera does not capture any edges of the mount.

Step 4: Assemble and Test

Once the parts come off the printer, clean up any extra material and glue the two halves together. Depending on the accuracy of your printer the threads may need a little cleanup. I was able to get the lens to attach and detach smoothly from the adapter after 5 to 10 times putting it on and taking it off. On the widest angle the camera can go I was unable to see any edges of the adapter.

Step 5: Customize

I've attached the .stl files for both the lens mount and the adapter. If you have a different size camera lens feel free to use these steps and files to make your own mount!

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