GoPro Camera Case

Introduction: GoPro Camera Case

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This is a case I made to fit my camera and all my gear in

($25) Pistol Case w/ foam from sportsmans warehouse

($7) Max 77 spray glue by M3
($10) Hot wire foam cutter

Step 1: Stencil Out Shapes

Stencil out on the foam where the camera & accessories will go.
Draw on the back side of the foam because you don't want the finish product to have sharpie lines on it.

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Use a hot wire cutter on a table to cut out the shapes.

(there are various instructables how to make a hot wire foam cutter. see my instructable hot wire foam cutter calculator so you can finish this project without having your transformer (ac adapter) blow up and/or prevent the wire from burning through all the time.)

Undo the wire from the electrical wire, and feed it up through the center of the shape you'll cut out then re-wire it back on to the electrical wire.

Step 3: Glue the Foam

Use Max 77 spray glue to attach the lower foam to the newly cut out foam.

Keep the foam in the case when gluing to ensure it's centered.
Glue one side first, then let that dry and repeat on the other side.

Lay down some rags over all the areas you don't want overspray on.

(if you do get over spary, a wet rag will clean it up before it dries)

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    Great project! It looks like your video is private though. It would be awesome if you could make that public! I'd love to watch it :)

    Tv one5
    Tv one5

    9 years ago on Introduction

    nah just kidding that's a youtube thing :) but this is cool as bro i used a "exacto knife" im not from the us of a so we call them craft knives but has helped to keep my gear all together and stuff as i make a lot of mounts an this is awesome i also stickerd it to the max