Introduction: GoPro Camera Tube Float

I wanted to take my new GoPro camera inner tubing down the river. But mounting my camera on my own tube just didn't seem like it would be able to capture the fun. I gathered the pieces from my garage and what I had around. I used an inner tube from a Cessna airplane, but a tube from a lawn tractor, wheel barrel, other small utility wheel will work as well. I had some plexiglass that was a door from something else that I recycled for this project. Cut the plexi disk aprox 1" diameter smaller than the the blown up diameter of your tube. Drill 1/4 holes into the disk for cable ties. I put in 8 holes, more or less would work. Not real critical.
Use one of the GoPro flat mounts, make sure to clean the plexi well before sticking the mount. I had to offset my mount to insure I didn't capture the tube in my videos. Set your camera down on the plexi aprox 3" from the edge and take a test picture with your camera to insure it doesn't include the tube.
Once you have your position, stick down your mount.Attach your plexi disk to the small inner tube with long cable ties.
I used polypropylene 1/8 braided rope for tethers. Build a short one to insure the camera is tethered to the tube, build a longer one aprox 15ft for the long one to tether it to your inner tube.

This is my first Instructable, by nice, but let me know what you think about both my idea, and any possible improvements

We did both videos and the timed pictures, what a great camera and we were able to capture a ton of fun!
I can see using my floating camera mount in the pool, lake fun, river rafting. Use your imagination.