Introduction: GoPro Mount

Step 1: Purpose

This project is a one off. I had to make a mount for a Go Pro so it would track with an envelope for a promotion. Here is what we were going for. I have not included materials and measurements for a reason. Every project will be different and I want you to use your imagination.

Step 2: Planning

Do not underestimate planning. Know your project and everything it involves. It's sometimes too late when you are half way through filming and you discover it doesn't bend enough or is too big.
Here is my design.

Step 3: The Base Plate

Work your way from the base. Measure your subject and make a sturdy but lite plate for it to sit on

Step 4: Cut Out the Rest

Using you pre made plan cut 2 side bars to your desired height 6 angle pieces. 2 will hold you side beams to the base 2 will hold you cross bar in place and the other 2 will be held onto until a later time. Do not drill your base plate just yet.

Step 5: Drill and Attach

Use your angled metal to determine in where you drill, both in you side beams and you base plate.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the side beams are parallel.

Secure everything you have.

Step 6: Cross Beam

Now to make the cross beam.
Cut a piece of metal that reaches from one side beam to the other.
Now, cut in half to allow the camera arm to move up and down and secure angle like show in the picture. (This picture was taken from the finished product)

Step 7: Create Arm

Cut a piece of metal the length you need (every project will be different) and drill a hole every 2 to 3cm and attach as shown in the last steps photo.

Step 8: Have Fun

Depending on the size of you project, you may need a rubber washer to hold the go pro case in place.
And now have fun.
Remember that this project it limited only by your imagination. So go out the and have fun.