Introduction: GoPro Pan-N-Tilt RC

First off: 
1) This is my first instructable so if i leave something out just ask.
2) I suck at spelling and grammar.
3) Im going to assume that you kinda know how to use tools, and a measuring devise.
4) If I jump around some its because this is just what was done, the order in witch it is done doesn't matter, and I put a part on then took   it off to make it easer to add other parts and holes then put it all back together once all the holes are in.

That being said this is my GoPro Pan-N-Tilt radio controlled head, I put it on my EMT conduit jib crane or my track dolly I made(that i hope to integrate in to the RC realm soon)

Where I got my parts: 

The aluminum and screws where purchased at Low's 
The Servos, ServoBlocks, and Servo Stands where purchased from (a kickass web sight for cool stuff)
The Stepper motor case I had laying around
The RC Heli...Well I had a hard time trying to fly it and thought it would be better put to use in some other form... That can't crash

Step 1: Parts

1/16" X 1 1/2' Angle aluminum
1/16" X 1/2" Angle aluminum
1/16" X 1 1/2" Flat aluminum
1/8" X 1 1/2" Flat aluminum
6 X 32 screws about 1/2"
8 X 32 Screws short about 1/4"
Stepper Motor case, bearings, screws
8 X 32 screw, 3 washers, 2 nylock nuts
Crashed RC helicopter RC parts, radio and battery
One (1) Vertical Aluminum Mount
Two (2) ServoBlocks
Two (2) Servos

Step 2: Tools

The tools are basic:

Hack saw, to cut stuff that needs to be cut
Miter box, to cut straight
File, to file off any sharp edges or to fit bad measurements
Tap and Die minus the Die, to tape screw holes
Dikes, to cut different things then the hack saw
Multi tool, just cause its handy sometimes
4-N-1 screw driver, to drive screws
Drill, to put drill bits in
7/8" flat drill bit, to make a 7/8" hole
The measurer-square-bubble-slidie thing, to measure things
Vise grips (that I forgot to put in the pic), to hold things together 

Step 3: Lay-Out

So I made this a few months ago thinking I'd make an instructable out of it, then ran out of time. So now I have taken it apart to take pics, and put it all back together. This is all the aluminum cut, drilled, and marked.

You'll need 4 of the little angle cut to 1 1/2" long for the corners

Step 4: The Base

Cut 1- 4" long peace of the 1/8" X 1 1/2" flat stock, put 1- 1/4" hole on the middle to mount the camera 
Cut 2- 1 1/2" long peaces of the small angle stock

Put the small angle stock on the end of the flat stock for the corner leaving space for the other smaller peace of flat stock,
Use the vice grip to hold the bottom and the corner together so you can drill, tap and screw then together 

Step 5: Servo Blocks

Servo Block
Servo Block are cool little things found at they come in a little baggy and you put them together your self and add what ever kind of serve you want it took me about 2 min to put one together 

Once you have the servo block put together mount it to the lower side peace that base the 4 mounting holes.

Step 6: The Lower Sides

2 - 1/16" X 1 1/2" cut to be 2 3/4"

I made a line 1/2" from the top for my center mark on the side that has the Serve Block then marked the center of that line and made an "X" to get me holes lined up correctly then just measured the distance between holes on the serve block and marked that distance on the "X" 

the other side was easier I just made my line 1/2" from the top and found the center of that line and put my hole there that is shown that is shown later

Step 7: Bearing Side

This side was easier I just made my line 1/2" from the top and found the center of that line and put my hole there. Next I used the 7/8" paddle bit to make a hole for the back side of the motor housing that is razed so it can sit flush. once that was don't I lined up the motor housing on the aluminum and marked out the 4 holes for the motor screws to go through. Then sandwiched the 2 motor peaces and the aluminum all together. Then put the 2 parts together and done with that side.

Step 8: Drive Side

I hope the pics and notes explain this enough.

Step 9: The Top

i measured the the top pice of aluminum once the to sides where on  (I eyed the a some of the peaces i cut and my center lines)

Step 10: Mount

So now what are you going to mount it onto? I put mine on my DIY 3/4" EMT jib crane with a quick little arm I made to hang it from. What you put your on is up to you, a Jib, a dolly, an old skate board... 

Step 11: Radio

So the RC stuff I took my crashed RC helicopter,  took it apart to get the radio stuff and just zip-tied it to the arm i made for the mount. then I just guessed a few times to get the right channels 

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