GoPro + Scuba Light + Hand Grip Mount

Introduction: GoPro + Scuba Light + Hand Grip Mount

This mount allows you to mount your GoPro and a scuba flashlight to a hand held grip for underwater filming.

Parts List:
GoPro HD Hero 2 camera
Dorcy Dive II/ Penetrator 220 underwater flashlight
GoPro rollbar mount
2-in-1 hand held grip/mini tripod (like this:
5" Mending Plate
Two - 5mm x 0.8mm x 70mm tap bolts
Two - 5mm x 0.8mm wing nuts
Eight - 5mm x 0.8mm hex jam nuts
One - 1/4"-20 wing nut

Step 1: Cut the Mending Plate

Cut the 5" mending plate down to size. The predrilled holes are the perfect width apart to accomodate the rollbar mount.  I used a Dremel tool to file down the sharp corners and round them out.

Step 2: Replace Bolts

Replace the original rollbar mount bolts with new (longer) 5mm x 0.8mm x 70mm tap bolts and attach 4 5mm x 0.8mm hex jam nuts to each bolt. (In the pic there are 5 on each bolt. I ended up taking one off of each side)

Step 3: Attach Light

Attach light to rollbar mount ensuring the top of the mount curves towards the BACK of the light.

Step 4: Attach Mending Plate to Mount

Attach mending plate to grip mount with 1/4"-20 wing nut.

Step 5: Attach Roll Bar Mount and Light to Mending Plate

Insert bolts from rollbar mount into mending plate and fasten with 5mm x 0.8mm wing nuts.

Step 6: Attach GoPro

Attach GoPro and enjoy!  :)

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I Like very much your project! Look my too

    Only a question for you:
    Did you use this case under the sea? I buyed the new diving case, because your case take records off focus!!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Not so much. Seems too large and has no light mount option.