Introduction: Super Strong, Super Cheap, GoPro Suction Mount.

Hi Guys!

I'm the sort of guy who tries to make something rather than buy it!

When it came to getting some decent shots from my GoPro Hero 3 on a car, I couldn't justify the £29.99 price for the official GoPro one! After a couple of hours researching other people ideas/designs, I came up with a plan to create a super strong suction mount with no tools for £3.49!

With this design you will need a vented helmet strap.

Enjoy and happy making!

Hope this saves you all some £!

Step 1: Ingredients

1) GoPro.

2) Rolson Mini Suction Cup Dent Puller -  (

3) Vented Helmet Mount. -  (

4)1 Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle - (

5) 3-way pivot arm for upright mounting - (

6) 2 short screws.

7) 1 long screw.

No tools needed.

Step 2: Pre Heat the Oven.

With this build you need no tools, except your hands.

With the suction cup not stuck to anything thread the vented mount straps through the handle. (pic1)

Then bring them around the outside of the handle and back on themselves and through the clasp. (pic2/3)

With them through the clasps pull tight and make sure the mount is flush and in the middle. (pic4/5)

Step 3: Into the Oven.

For forward shots all you need is the Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle and a long screw and your away! (pic1/2)

To keep the GoPro in a level position whilst mounted on a vertical surface you need the 3-way pivot arm to bring it round to a level position. (pic3-9)

Step 4: Finish It.

With the straps of the vented mount being so long tuck the ends into the handle once the mount has been stuck, i usually put a small piece of tap over to make sure they don't re appear in a shot just to make sure.

Hope this helps you all make a pro suction mount without the price tag!

Happy building!

(Get in contact if you need any tips/help with anything GoPro related!)

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