Introduction: GoPro Underwater Fish Mount

Step 1: Supplies

4- PVC Elbows
2- 2 ft PVC poles
1- 2.5 ft PVC pole
3- 1.75 ft PVC poles
1- 1 ft PVC pole
2- 3 way PVC connectors
2- ropes
1- GoPro mount
Something to make holes with so it will sink.
Take long pieces of PVC pipe and cut to these dimensions approximately.

Step 2: Main Body

The 2.5 ft pole is the centerpiece that hold the GoPro mount. Cut a hole in the center and put the mount inside the PVC pipe and secure with tape. Then put the 3 way connector pieces on the ends. Slide your 2 ft poles through these connectors.

Step 3: Lights

This part is optional. I added two stands to put underwater lights on for night time use and better visibility. The 1.75 ft poles attach to each end of one of the 2 ft poles by elbow connectors. Holes can be drilled to place the lights in.

Step 4: Fishing Lure/hook

Another optional attachment is a hook or lure hanging off the front in the GoPros field of view. This is attached to the other 2 ft pole. Take the last 1.75 ft pole and attach it to one side of the 2 ft pole with an elbow connector. At the top of the pole, put another elbow connector and attach your 1 ft pole. Dangle a line with bait from one of your drill holes to attract fish

Step 5: Tether

I attached a rope at each 3 way connector to ensure I landed it level on the bottom of the lake. I put tape over the knot in the rope to secure it even better. Tie the ropes off to a dock or pier to keep from losing mount.

Step 6: Drill Holes

You must drill holes for it to sink.