Introduction: GoPro Hero3 Frame Using Case of Battery Backpack, 2 Sugrus and a Joint

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We first clean the case from all those small bumps inside, the separate the two cases. Then we envelop the GoPro Hero3 Cam with a Naylon in order to ensure that the Sugru doesn't stick, Then we mold 1 bag (5g) of Sugru in small cylinder and put it on the GoPro while it is in the Back case cover, then we remove the small metal nut from a small joint then we put it on top of the sugru and mold it . Then we envelop it in another pack of Sugru. Then keep it for a day until it becomes firm. Then use the hot metal and iron the wholeswhere the lens goes out (use pen to mark ur way) and then where u want the power supply, hdmi and mic to enter the frame, Finaly use a couple of elastic rubbers to hold the Frame together.

This was done during Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace Build Night.