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Introduction: GoPro Laser Mount

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My youngest son wants to be able to take video of projects being cut on our laser cutter, using our shiny little GoPro camera.

Since some of the complex cuts we do can take 20-30 minutes, standing holding the GoPro isn't a comfortable option, so I quickly drew up this little frame to let the camera point vertically downwards through the glass lid of the cutter.

Materials cost was zero, since I cut it from an offcut from one of my paid cutting jobs, but even in new material it's just pennies' worth of plywood, which is far better value than most GoPro accessories run at!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I used 3mm ply and a laser cutter.

You could cut the parts by hand, but, if you're making this to stand on a laser cutter....?

The parts friction-fit, so you don't need any glue.

You can use this stand to look down on anything with a glass lid, not just a laser cutter (maybe an aquarium?), so you might want to get the parts cut online. If you use Ponoko, you can use the SVG file I’ve attached to this step to get the parts cut from a P1 sheet of 3mm plywood for about $4.

Step 2: Files

I've added every format of file I can - whatever model of laser cutter you use, at least one of them will work.

Check for scaling: the length of the cut pieces together should come out at 120mm long.

Step 3: Assembly and Use

The two parts simply slot together.

The points go upwards, to align the GoPro when you place it face-down.

The frame has a clearance of 11mm off the glass, just enough to keep the lens off the glass, without letting in enough reflected light to spoil the images.

The parts are just slotted together, so can pull apart for easy storage - ideal when you need to shove it in your pocket or pencil case between Technology lessons...

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    is that camera showm in the top photo a sjcam? if so your heading in the right direction when it comes to saving money and still getting a mint product


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Nope, it's a GoPro, just seen from an unfamiliar angle.

    I love how simple this is... Yet how well it works :)

    Just wondering, are you jsut recording the laser cutting happening. Because wouldn't it be more practical to use a time-lapse camera?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The GoPro has a time-lapse setting, but I guess it depends how long the cut takes. Most of my full-bed jobs take around 20-25 minutes, which makes time-lapse a good idea, but a small job only takes a few minutes, so it's really not an issue.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh, okay :)

    I guess I was thinking more about the speed that something like a 3D printer prints at. In that case it is definitely more practical to use a time lapse camera. But it sounds as though it really doesn't take that long to do laser cuts...


    7 years ago

    Such a great design and very neat. Simply made and with a negligible price, this is quite impressive.