Cardboard GoT-Inspired Wall Divides Office




Introduction: Cardboard GoT-Inspired Wall Divides Office

These guys created the Game of Thrones Wall in their office! See the video here:

Step 1: Planning

First of all they had to plan the construction of the wall and work out how many boxes would be required...

Step 2: Preparation

They then gathered all of the materials they needed and waited until the other employees left the office before the building process could commence.....

Step 3: Forming the Boxes

The team constructed 74 flat-pack boxes to use in the wall...

Step 4: Forming the Boxes (continued)

Using 3,848 inches of parcel tape to secure the cardboard into their box form...

Step 5: Construction

Then it came to assembling the boxes into the Wall... The Wall was 90 inches tall and 348 inches wide, spreading across the office...

Step 6: Construction (continued)

It just needed some final touches... including trees cut out of cardboard to imitate the forest which stands in front of the wall...

Step 7: Completion

And the wall was complete.

As you can imagine the wall created a lot of excitement and confusion in the office the following morning when their co workers started to arrive - and the disruption finally resulted in the Wall being demolished!

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    5 years ago

    Haha, that's pretty funny. :) How long did it take before they broke it down?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Only a couple of hours before it was demolished - turns out that such a large division didn’t have a great impact on the
    working day in the office!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Aw, then they should think . . . outside the box!

    Dad joke dog.jpg